Sverre Fredriksen


I just loved the fact that you could draw on wood  



I love my inks and all the old style stuff. I never even tried drawing a cartoon with a computer.  

Tommy Pallotta


You hope not to piss off a major film icon  

Kustaa Saksi


In a way it's cliché to be inspired by nature, but at the same time you can't really get rid of that, because nature is so near everywhere in Finland.  

Studio DDT

Special effects

We always do more than they pay us for. We do it because we really like it and we want to make the director as happy as possible.  

Rutu Modan

Comic Book Artist

I found out that reality is much more grotesque than you can invent  



If I don't like a painting, I won't sell it, no matter what they pay.  

Genevieve Gauckler


You won't find my work in the art galleries. To be frank, people don't really take it seriously.  


Street artist

They have laws that forbid all kinds of ads in the streets but you see thousands of billboards and signs and buses full of ads. The big question is: who controls the public space?  

Martha Cooper


I consider myself more of an ethnographer. My photography is very literary documenting something. I use it to collect and catalogue images.  

Alex Courtes


Most of the time I don't know what they are saying. From Vertigo I didn't understand anything. They had to explain to us what it really meant...  

Olivier Marquezy

Motion graphic designer

Maybe that's what you call French style. When you say things in a smart way, in an elegant way.  

Valerie Pirson


Michel Gondry gave me carte blanche. He just outlined the story. I was still in school then.  

Erwin Wurm


I'm an artist. Artists are simple creatures. Give us something to draw with and some food, and we're content ... That's all we need really.  

Mike Mills

Designer, director

It's funny, I was basically 30 years old and I was doing skateboards and bands again. When I was 15 I was doing skateboards and bands. I feel like I really haven't changed that much. It's the same basic world that I've been in.  

Miranda July


"there are so many opportunities to put a picture of your face online... and that's somehow not doing the job of feeling a connection."  

Anna Biller


"In the rooms in the 60s they decorated almost for camera, for camera angles and for camera depth, because it's all texture. A very cinematic time for decoration."  

Taika Waititi


I'm a big fan of the '70s and the '80s. there was a certain innocence back then. Especially in the '80s people made a lot of mistakes, even fashion wise. If you look back, you think, wow, we really didn't know anything. And I kind of like that.  


Street artist

Even if you live in Serbia you have endless possibilities to make and do things.  

Aleksandar Macasev

Visual artist Designer

My way of communication is not pretty. I'm not about flowers, meadows or beauty. I need to disturb somebody a little bit.  

Ivan Sijak


I never really intended to be an influential artist. I only tried to express myself within the limits that are satisfactory for me.