Genevieve Gauckler


Q: Don’t you feel bad when you eat cute animals?

A: Very.

Q: If you had a third arm, what would you do with it?

A: Well, I would grab more food and then eat much more.

Q: Are food and happiness connected?

A: Yes.

It´s strange, serious and sometimes hilarious questions like these, that French illustrator and graphic designer Genevieve Gauckler has made up by the dozens for her exhibition Food Chain. The show consists of beautiful prints with funny and sweet characters and their obsession with eating.

The title, Genevieve explains, is ambiguous: it expresses on the one hand the thought that through food all living beings are connected with each other, on the other side it makes clear that these ties can become chains. In other words: we can be captivated by our own consumerism. Gauckler: `Good ideas come when you merge two elements that don’t belong together. That way you can create something interesting.´

This double meaning is translated in very colourful images, with simple potato-shaped figures who eat food, digest food, excrete food, throw up food or lack food. They pose questions that make you laugh and make you think about our sometimes perverse relation with food.

Q: Is Genevieve Gauckler a good, friendly and funny artist?

A: Definitely!

Pretty Cool Crew: Interview: Geert van de Wetering, Camera: Niels de Roos, Editing: Ben de Loenen. Thanks to: Angelique Spaninks, MU, Eindhoven.

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