Street artist

Born in Brazil and based in Barcelona, he combines the best of both worlds. Tom14 is a street artist in more than one way. He works on the streets, sometimes literally on the surface of the road, but besides this, his work is also deals with the rights on the street. It’s all about reclaiming the streets from real estate investors who make large profits from urban planning projects and do nothing about improving the situation for the local people.

Tom14 takes getting this message out there very seriously, without getting all pessimistic and depressed. His art is a celebration of urban life with bright colors and an iconography that reveals his Latin-American background. We met with the multi-talented Tom14 (he’s also a musicinan) as he and his fellow urban conquistadores were preparing an exhibition in galery La Montana in Barcelona.

Pretty Cool Crew: Commissioning Editor for SubmarineChannel: Geert van de Wetering, Camera:  Niels de Roos, Interview, Sound & Editing: Ben de Loenen.

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